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Graphic Design Store

Please schedule a consultation if you are unsure of what services or packages to purchase.

Logo Packages

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you.

1-3 Logo Digitalization


All designs are based on client provided sketches or photos. Clients have a specific vision with clear design aspects, which are then simplified and adapted digitally. The client is provided with the digital adaptations and is allowed one round of adjustments after which one final logo is produced.

1-3 Logo Digitalizations

1 Revision

Based on Client's Ideas and/or Sketches

(must have existing visual concept)

1 Color

Request Consultation

1-3 Logo Concepts


All designs are created after clear communication of concepts and ideas from client. Each design is unique and provides the client with multiple options, which are narrowed down during the first revision process. One logo is produced and the client is allowed one closing

round of adjustments resulting in the final logo.

1-3 Original Logo Concepts

2 Revisions*

Based on Client's Ideas w/

Full Concept Development

1-3 Color

Request Consultation

5-10 Logo Concepts


Multiple designs are created in order to help the client decide on a clear visual direction. Each design is unique and includes separate versions for multi-platform applications. Up to 3 logos can be selected during the first revision, then modified and resubmitted for final revision. Final logo is selected and digitalized for multi-platform use.

5-10 Fully Original Conecpts

2 Revisions*

Fully Original Concepts w/ Multiple Design Options & Directions

Full Color

Request Consultation

Specialized Services

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you.

Next Day Logo


First Time Customers Only

No Revisions, No Modifications. Client must be able to identify all necessary aspects of logo prior to design completion. Payment is due in full at time of design request submission.

Guaranteed logo within 24 hours

Must be submitted by noon on previous day to receive within 24 hours

Client is responsible for delays caused by their communication/modifications

Payment due in full before logo is submitted

Each revision or modification requested is subject to a $50 change fee

$150 down payment

Next Day Logo

Discounted "Millennial" Services


Must Provide Valid College ID or

Proof of Proposed Business Plan

These services are designed to promote and support people between 18-30 years old. Payment plans are flexible, but do require down payments or co-signers.

$100 -1 Color Basic Logo

(more options available)

Business Card Layout (printing available)

Free Consultation for 4 weeks

Payment plans must be fulfilled within 365 days of initial contract date

Copyrighted until full payment is received

$50 down payment

Free Cup of Ramen

Mil Logo

Full Branding Services


Full Design Package

This package is designed for clients with clear visions for their business. It is recommended that the business is established and functioning at baseline levels prior to brand development.

Full Logo Development

Corporate Identity Package- Detailed Color Palettes, Typography, Continuity Guidelines

Business Card & Stationary Design (printing available)

Poster/Flyer/Postcard Campaign Development

Website design available after Consultation

24 hour customer support and consultation

$250 down payment

Full Corp. Identity

Print Store

All images are watermarked for copyright purposes. All purchased prints will be clear and free of all watermarks.

Prints are 4x6 Postcard Size. Unless otherwise stated. Other sizes available upon request.

Special Request

Email for requests. Any quote, color, size, etc. Base Price of $20 plus additional fees for further customization.

Email for Details

Print Add Ons

All Prints are standard 4x6 unframed and unmatted unless otherwise stated. To purchase larger sizes, frames, or mats please use the forms below.




Standard 4x6 Print on glossy cardstock

White Mat

comes with thin modern black frame with glass

Standard Upgrade




Best Package Offer

Enlarged to 8x10 glossy or matte cardstock avialable

Thin White mat

comes with thin modern black frame with glass

Deluxe Frame Add On




Best for General Upkeep

Enlarged to 8x10 glossy or matte cardstock available

Gallery White Mat 

comes with large 16x20 thin modern black frame with glass

Gallery Add On




Best for Busy Homes

standard 16x20 Poster Cardstock

No mat

No frame

18x24 22x28 24x36 26x48

Sizes Available upon request

Poster Add On