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Nearly 70% women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives. Women of color have a 35% higher risk of being raped, attacked, or murdered by an intimate partner.


More than 4.7 million women in the U.S. experience physical violence by an intimate partner every year.



Out of every 100 cases of rape -9 are prosecuted, 12 lead to an arrest, and only 5 lead to a felony conviction.


According to the Violence Policy Center,  every day 3 women are murdered and an estimated 600 women are raped in the US.

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Two thirds of teens and children (k-12) who identify as transgender or gender non conforming have attempt suicide, experience suicidal thoughts, or engage in self-harm. Almost 80% of the LGBTQ+ community has being sexually harassed, physically assaulted, or sexually assaulted. 1 out of 5 LGBTQ+ youths are homeless at some point in their early lifetime.